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Meet the team:
John Labib Regional Manager UAE
Alex Petsch Quality Assurance Manager & Project Manager
Silvia Fürst Android Developer
Elisabeth Langbauer Business Development Manager & Project Manager
David Schnitzhofer Android Developer
Sebastian Czekierski-Werner Web Developer
Benedikt Breinbauer Web Developer
Jens Bruder Project Manager & Creative Engineer
Dennis Pratter Web Developer
Krzysztof Samson Backend Developer
Wolfgang Thaler IT Infrastructure Manager
Jürgen Falb CTO & Partner
Anne Sophie Christensen Project Manager
Zoltan Bardics Backend Developer
Max Arends Sales Manager & Project Manager
Christof Furxer Android Developer
Philipp Kinschel Solution Architect
Thomas Heingärtner iOS Developer
Martin Steller Android Developer
Wolfgang Schreiner Chief Executive Officer & Partner
Claudia Schallert Human Resources Manager
Robert Fischer iOS Developer
Christian Wandling Software Developer
Raphael Grill iOS Developer
Michael Freimüller Web Developer
Birgit Denifl Finance Manager
Bartosz Lipnicki Frontend Developer
Raphael Schneeberger Chief Executive Officer
Felix Tutzer Android Developer
Florian Irnberger Service Delivery & Support
Elisabeth Mach Office Manager

About Us

NOUS was established 2006 in reaction to a Viennese educational project that used digital handheld devices; the company now ranks among the leading providers for mobile App Development, mobile guides and projects in the field of digital transformation. Until today NOUS has realized over 200 projects of differing sizes and with various focuses on all continents. 

Based in Vienna, a city with a rich historical and cultural tradition, NOUS expanded to the USA in 2009: by opening our branches in Santa Monica and Denver, we were able to gain access to an environment that generates the most dynamic technological developments in the world. 2015 NOUS has opened its office in the United Arab Emirates, one of the most interesting regions in the world and door to Asia.

Digital storytelling, experience design, and discovering are the new catchphrases that are not only effective in the creative industries, but are also crucial for the development of (cultural) brands. 2016 we merged with our partner company pocketscience which brings even more competences in the field of digital transformation in the corporate sector.



Wissensmanagement GmbH

Ullmannstraße 35
1150 Vienna, Austria
phone: +43 1 236 5891

NOUSguide Inc.
1368 26th Street
Denver, CO 80205, USA
phone: +1 720 401 5919

J&G Plex 3S 
Jumeirah Lake Towers
Dubai, UAE
phone: +971 564 276 17