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  • Future Listening Experience

    NOUS sonic

    Much of our research is currently flowing into NOUS sonic, our new centimeter-accurate and motion-sensitive user localization: a modified headset is equipped with a real-world orientation sensor, such as the one found in used in robotics to determine position, inclination, rotation or orientation. Complemented by detailed location data of an additional indoor localization receiver (e.g., ultra wide band technology), the combination of indoor positioning and head alignment can be determined to within 10 cm. By means of real-time billing of the audification, the function of our ear is reproduced and supplemented digitally: everything audible and further unknown can be experienced immersively via headphones.

  • AAL HiStory

    Sharing stories - the international research project AAL HiStory is dedicated to the social inclusion of older people through storytelling

    Older people look back on a life full of memories and most of them still remember their past. They have interesting stories to tell, especially from the places of their childhood and youth. Using reminders such as songs or photos can help them to trigger their memories. Talking about their personal stories with others helps maintain their self-confidence and self-esteem and keep them socially and cognitively active.

  • Live Innovation

    We are not only shaping the digital transformation for our customers we also conduct research and participate in research collaborations - in 2018 we invested much more than ever before in R & D: in spring we were able to launch our group-guide system in Vancouver - a purely software-based group management tool that works without any additional hardware.

  • Opera live

    The Platform for all cultural institutions that want to stream their own content!

    After more than 2 years of development NOUS presents its and video on demand platform to the public. Based on our long-standing streaming project in the Vienna State Opera, we have developed an easy-to-use backend that can interact with the Amazon Web Service and a wide range of payment- and content- systems.

  • 3D Audio with the NOUSGuide NEXT

    Leave Your Smartphone in Your Pocket

    Visiting a museum is an experience full of wonder and surprise—an immersion into a new world. Visitors encounter an intriguing mix of the past and present, the imaginary and instructive, the virtual and the real. Today’s museum audience is increasingly more demanding—looking for content that is both informational and engaging. At the beginning of 2018, with funding from the Vienna Business Agency, NOUS launched a development project to address precisely this issue. The solution is NOUSguide NEXT—a 3 dimensional, auditory, educational experience that lets the visitor leave their smartphone in their pocket.

  • Groupguide

    The Smart Groupguide System from NOUS

    Many museum visitors appreciate the way the exhibited objects are explained interactively during guided tours: they offer an individual, often playful or creative approach to viewing the pictures and objects. But that presents art educators and institutions with several challenges: on the one hand, the volume and intonation of the guided tour needs to be adapted to a group that is moving freely in the space, while on the other hand it is important not to disturb other visitors to the museum.

  • "Inklusion - analog & digital"

    Our Take from the NOUS Talk

  • House of European History

    The language diversity of Europe with its 24 official languages ​​presented a special challenge for the exhibition planners.

  • Inklusion in place of Exclusivity

    Inclusion does not have to mean exclusivity, the Eye to Ear project shows how.

  • Pressegespräch AT:NET

    Millionenförderung für innovative digitale Unternehmen

    Mit dem dritten Call des Bundeskanzleramts für das Programm AT:net startet heute die für dieses Jahr letzte Möglichkeit, dass sich innovative digitale Unternehmen bis zu 200.000 Euro für ihr marktreifes Produkt abholen, um damit die Markteinführung und Etablierung des Produkts zu ermöglichen.