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  • Use Technology

    The world is not enough! The museums of the future are attracting their visitors to virtual environments

    Text: Elisabeth Oberndorfer | Museums in the US are daring to leave their familiar territory. Digital strategists are showing them how new technologies can attract more visitors.

  • Our Magazine

    10 years NOUS

    Our magazine " 10 years NOUS" shows a selection of our best projects and highlights themes like successful placement, storytelling, technology and visitor development.

  • Tell Stories

    The Danish Castle Centre: where history keeps up with the times

    An example of how museums can be both entertaining and meaningful for a wide audience.

  • The digital wave is real

    When the rare becomes commonplace: how the digital threatens museums’ authority

    Text: Larry Friedlander | What hath the Internet wrought? For a long time the museum held the keys to the kingdom, both controlling access to the culture’s rarest treasures, and dictating how those treasures where seen and understood. No more.

  • Educate

    Communication 2.0: Between Museum Education and New Technologies

    Interview with Friederike Lassy-Beelitz | The world of art abounds with secrets waiting to be discovered. Digital communication platforms can help build an emotional bridge between the viewer and the artwork itself.