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  • Client

    Albertina Wien
  • Date

    since 2013
  • Location

    Vienna, Austria
  • Involvement:

    Concept, Design and Implementation
  • Partner

    Samsung Austria
  • Support


Multiple Touchpoints


The Albertina has one of the most extensive graphic art collections in the world. For the Modernism exhibition, NOUS has developed a “multi-touchpoint environment,” which plays on three media: a tablet guide, a touch table, and a smart TV application together form a media environment that stretches beyond the limits of a visit to the museum. 

With the tablet guides, visitors become immersed in the exhibition through audiovisual commentaries and individually developed, playful applications. With augmented reality, adults and children can discover the history behind a painting, slip into the role of curator, or take a photograph of themselves with different proportions. The fundamental techniques of Modernism are even simulated playfully: the dabbing method of Pointillist painting, the correlation between mu- sic and color, principles such as order and disorder, and painting in the dark. 

At the end of their tour of the museum, visitors can edit the works they have bookmarked, commen- tated, and designed, send them via email, or share them within the community. They can also choose the “Wallpaper of the Week” – their favorite work from the collection. The result is published in a Samsung smart TV app, which brings the museum experience to TVs at home with a special video channel.