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  • Client

    Arena Melk GmbH
  • Date

  • Location

    Melk, Austria
  • Involvement

    content creation
  • Project

    Audio tour

Content on the Go

Der Rote Faden - Stadt Melk

For the town of Melk in Austria, we developed an audio guide through the historical town center, which meets the desire for new experiences and varied stories. When producing the texts, we chose a narrative structure to encourage visitors to be curious and keen during their tour of the town. This structure makes the content of each story easier to understand, while it also requires visitors to think independently. As the intention behind this tour in particular was to enable visitors to immerse themselves thoroughly in the history of the town, its inhabitants, and catastrophes, the perspective is that of a first-person narrator. With his marked subjectivity he is very entertaining and the epic distance between the narrator and the listener is bridged, meaning that the visitors find the stories extremely authentic.