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  • Client

    Køge Museum
  • Date

  • Location

    Køge, Denmark
  • Involvement

    Concept, Design, Content, Implementation
  • Project

  • Partner

    Kvorning Design, Copenhagen

Fact Track – Drama Track

Køge Museum

Together with Kvornig Design, a renowned Danish design and architecture workshop, NOUS realized a digital storytelling concept for the newly reopened municipal museum in Køge. The storyline of the first exhibition since the reopening describes the sinking of a warship that exploded in a battle against Sweden and that has been in the bay of Køge ever since. The exhibition follows the course of that fateful day on October 4, 1710. Via a fact track and a drama track, visitors can use their tablet guides to follow the dramatic events of that day, which claimed almost 600 lives. While the fact track tells of the objects that have been salvaged by divers and their historical context, multimedia fictional stories were developed for the drama track, which provide visitors access to the individual destinies of the protagonists. 

For the museum’s permanent exhibition area – which revolves around science education – each researcher, e.g. of Celtic lake dwellings, is given the time and space to present their work comprehensively in the form of video interviews and blogs as well as to publish their latest results.