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    University of Innsbruck
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    Innsbruck, Austria
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Multilingual Tyrol


For the exhibition “land.schafft.sprache – tirol ist mehrsprachig” we worked together with the University of Innsbruck. The result was a media station that visualizes the linguistic diversity of the city of Innsbruck.It enables visitors to count how many and which languages they speak in various life situations. This conscious focus aimed to increase the relevance of multilingualism as a topic e.g. for minority policies and integration work. The exhibition, which was on display in spring 2014, was an initiative of the DYME research group (Dynamics of Multilingualism with English) at the University of Innsbruck in cooperation with the JUFF-Fachbereich Integration, Tyrol and the municipal authority MA III Stadtplanung, Stadtentwicklung und Integration, Innsbruck.