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Future Listening Experience

NOUS Sonic


Complemented by detailed location data of an additional indoor localization receiver (e.g., ultra wide band technology), the combination of indoor positioning and head alignment can be determined to within 10 cm. By means of real-time billing of the audification, the function of our ear is reproduced and supplemented digitally: everything audible and further unknown can be experienced immersively via headphones.

NOUS Sonic enables not only methodically new ways of auditory information presentation, but also pioneering approaches of museum-installation (art) mediation.
The visual impressions of the recipients are combined by NOUS Sonic with individually experienced auditory-enhanced experience (augmented auditory reality) and exclusive playback of ready-made content replaced by location- and motion-dependent modification of the audio files.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, NOUS Sonic opens the door to the next generation of technology-based auditory information transfer and emotion experience:
By means of institutionally autonomous and three-dimensionally scalable sonification of rooms and exhibitions, new and individual paths are taken in the sense of the word, both of the museological teams and the visitors of the museums.

NOUS Sonic - Future Listening: Also, but much more than a guide.

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