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House of European History


The newly opened House of European History in Brussels shows the history of the European continent since the 19th century, with a special focus on the European unification process in a global context. The exhibition planners were faced with the particular challenge posed by Europe’s linguistic diversity, including 24 official languages. NOUS was assigned the task of implementing a solution. 
A key to the content is presented by the tablet guide developed by NOUS, which provides access to all information in the exhibition. A sophisticated iBeacon solution to determine the tablet users’ position in the museum leads the visitors through the rooms and themes of the permanent exhibition. To avoid the need for high-maintenance battery-run iBeacons, modules were specially developed whose electricity is supplied via the track lighting system, making them completely flexible as they can be installed via an easy click mechanism.
In the museum, the visitors are offered an exceptional multimedia experience whose technical complexity does not force itself on them but rather takes a back seat. The tablet is simultaneously an information tool and an orientation guide, controlling numerous interactive areas and providing synchronized audio transmission in any chosen language.
Especially for the requirements of this museum, the NOUS CMS was also enhanced to enable museum staff with little previous knowledge of such systems to operate it easily and intuitively.
Updating the content of the 650 tablet guides is now completely automated, guaranteeing the lowest possible maintenance overheads.

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