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Funding in the millions for innovative digital companies


The Federal Chancellery's third call for the AT:net programme launches today, the last opportunity for this year for innovative digital companies to collect up to 200,000 euros for their market-ready product to enable the product's market launch and establishment.

"We know that a creative idea is unfortunately often not enough to succeed on the market. Especially the phase of transition from a market-ready product to actual market maturity is not easy. That's why AT:net starts here and supports the companies. Only when the products actually reach the market are there benefits for the economy and society," said State Secretary for Digitalisation Muna Duzdar during her visit to NOUS Wissensmanagement GmbH and opened the third call of the programme.

Wolfgang Schreiner, CEO of Nous Wissensmanagement GmbH presented the project funded in the first call of AT:net and explained the importance of the funding. "With the funding, we succeeded in getting the necessary co-financing for product rollout and market launch of our platform. The funding is our accelerator to reach our goal faster: to roll out a digital product that generates sustainable revenues and brings a relevant digital innovation to the market from the cooperation with a public institution - the Vienna State Opera; the FFG and the Federal Chancellery support us in being able to operate internationally from the start, which is crucial for success," Schreiner emphasised.

Klaus Pseiner, Managing Director of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG said: "Markets are thinking less and less in terms of industries, segments or technical disciplines, and neither are innovative companies. Whether it's technologies for maintaining and improving the quality of life of older people, broader and largely barrier-free access to information, or the requirements of a modern state - keyword e-government - anyone who wants to hold their own in the market must offer intelligent overall solutions for the customer. Digitisation plays an immeasurable role in this. With the AT:net programme, we support companies in gaining a foothold in the market and introducing their digital innovations to the market.

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