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More joie de vivre with the DEA app

In contrast to many other illnesses, not only the person affected suffers from dementia, but also - and not infrequently to a greater extent - the family members providing care. As a result, the quality of life is often affected. With the help of an app, this research project aims to contribute to a significant improvement in the quality of life of the relatives and those affected.

About DEA

    The app is intended to help the relatives

    • To bring more joie de vivre into the everyday life of people suffering from dementia.
    • To be able to offer concrete and individually tailored everyday activities for every day that are also good for the person themselves
    • To make everyday life easier and also to structure it
    • To network with other caregivers, to organise everyday care and to exchange information.
    • To receive well-founded information about dementia-related illnesses
    • To be better able to deal with excessive demands and difficult situations in everyday caregiving by providing scientifically based
      recommendations. To have contact addresses and telephone numbers at hand in case of emergency.

„According to current estimates, there are 100,000 people living with different forms of dementia in Austria.“

Dementia background

According to current estimates, 100,000 people in Austria live with different forms of dementia. Due to demographic developments and a simultaneous increase in the prevalence rate, this number will rise to approx. 230,000 persons by 2050, thus more than doubling. Further data show that 85% of people affected by dementia live at home and their care and support is mostly provided by relatives. Currently, people with dementia are cared for by more than 300,000 caring relatives (besides additional mobile services or professional support through 24-hour care). This group will also more than double by 2050.

Project goals

The DEA app developed in this project is primarily aimed at family caregivers and is intended to reduce their burden on the one hand and to increase the quality and competence of care on the other, thus contributing to maintaining a high quality of life for both the ill and the caregiver.

Results and Conclusion

    Our team

    Medizinische Universität Wien: Prof. Dr. Tanja Stamm

    FH Campus Wien: Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Franz Werner

    WPU GmbH: Prof. Dr. Andreas Kumpf

    NOUS Wissensmanagement GmbH

    RALTEC: Dipl. Ing. Walter Hlauschek

The research project "DEA" was successfully completed. In a scientific evaluation study, the app was evaluated with 46 relatives of people with dementia. The results showed that the app could be used meaningfully in everyday life and was of value to the test group. Users felt inspired and motivated to introduce new activities with their family members with dementia. People who were already very active with their loved one felt validated in their actions by the app. The detailed study results were published in July 2020 under the following link:

» Click here for the study results