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Austrian Federal Railways


  • ÖBB Personenverkehrs AG / BCC (Business Competence Center)
  • Date

  • since September 2014
  • Location

  • Austria
  • Involvement

  • Mobile-Lead, iOS & Android Development
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  • iOS / Android App
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Ticket App

We were able to specify most of the mobile architecture for the new ÖBB app and implemented a ticket app for the ÖBB on the basis of agile development methods. Embedded in a team of over 100 people, our task was to create unforgeable tickets that would be quick and easy to buy. Developing the back end in parallel as well as working to a tight time frame made this project a fantastic challenge that we overcame with great success. What’s more, we realized a complex, predetermined design, which simplified the overview of train connections, all of the necessary information, and purchasing. In a later update, the app was expanded to include pieces from the ORF TVthek, meaning that it now facilitates direct streaming in select Railjet trains, which have been fitted with new and dedicated WLAN infrastructure.