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Blue Blood Academy, Vordingborg


  • Museum Sydøstdanmark
  • Date

  • from April 2015
  • Location

  • Vordingborg, Denmark
  • Involvement:

  • Concept, Design, Implementation
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About Blue Blood

For the Danish Castle Center, one of the most important Danish royal castles on the southern border of the kingdom in Vordingborg, NOUS has developed an interactive learning platform for school groups - the 'Blue Blood Academy'. This works with the means of game design by letting the young visitors and their educators freely choose the characters and tasks.
The pupils choose a historical character from the 14th century and solve the tasks dynamically created by the teachers from a task pool: Why was King Waldemar buried in Vordingborg? And what made the duke's daughter Helvig decide to go to the monastery? 

As answers, photo or video works are required, stories are written and comments are collected - all from the historical role. Visiting the exhibition becomes an exciting journey through the history of the Danish Middle Ages. The teachers follow the progress and the results of the students from a central point and are able to comment live via push messages. While the students move around the exhibition area and solve the tasks, the teachers are already working on the digital follow-up. Within a certain period of time, the tour ends and the students solved tasks are brought together. The results are discussed together and a comparison with the (creative) results of previous groups is also possible. If there is no more time left for the debriefing on site the results can simply be emailed home or to the class.