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Chiayi Art Museum


  • Po-Chih Huang
  • Date

  • 2024
  • Location

  • Chiayi Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
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  • NOUS Sonic
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Everyday Performing

Po-Chih Huang's exhibition "Everyday Performing" creates a parallel space that maintains just enough distance from the real world to connect without easily entering the established system, fostering a sense of open uncertainty.

Huang began a series of conversations with his mother in 2011, whose memories reflect Taiwan's agricultural transformation, economic reform and social change, as captured in his book "The Blue Skin: My Mother's Story" (2013).

"Second Brother's Blue Turtledove" picks up on these family stories and reconfigures physical experiences, memories and emotions in a space where artificial and real turtledove calls merge. This immersive experience is enhanced by our 3D audio product NOUS Sonic, which offers dynamic soundscapes and multimedia integration. In an emotional staging, the artist overlays family history events with the viewer's perceptual experiences or personal memories. The exhibition at the Chiayi Art Museum in Taipei can be experienced until September 29, 2024.