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Emily Hobhouse Museum


  • Emily Hobhouse Museum

  • KossmannDeJong
  • DATE

  • 2024

  • St. Ives, Cornwall, United Kingdom

  • NOUS Sonic
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Forward-Thinking Meets Future Technology

The design of the Emily Hobhouse Museum in Cornwall is a successful example of incorporating our NOUS Sonic product into the exhibition concept. The 1,000 m2 museum, newly opened around Hobhouse's birthplace, offers a journey through the life of Emily Hobhouse, from her pioneering work in education to her pivotal role in establishing women's rights and creating social justice in the context of the Boer Wars in South Africa. Visitors can explore all of this in a newly curated exhibition, with personal artifacts, letters and photographs providing insights into Hobhouse's work: NOUS Sonic is an integral part of the storytelling concept and the individual user experience: for example, the personalized story that can be heard through NOUS Sonic - sensitive to movement, location and gaze - is synchronized with all other media, interactions of light, image and sound create an immersive whole, visitors become a participatory part of the narrative: forward-looking thinking meets forward-looking technology.