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  • Red Bull Hangar 7
  • Date

  • since October 2011
  • Location

  • Salzburg, Austria
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  • Concept, Content, Design and Implementation
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High up in the Sky

Since 2011 the Hangar-7 at Salzburg Airport has offered visitors
a virtual means to experience the hangar, the Flying Bulls (an unparalleled collection of historical aircraft), the art exhibitions, and the cuisine. Continually being enhanced and having new features added, the Hangar-7 application makes the unique atmosphere of the hangar palpable. A flexible editing system makes it possible to easily update and expand the information. It enables users to look over the shoulder of the world-class guest chef, who changes monthly; to visit the constantly augmented art exhibitions in the context of HangART-7; or to take to the skies with one of the historical Flying Bull airplanes. If you don’t want to download the application onto your own device, you can simply borrow the guide on-site and let it lead you around the restaurant and the attractions on display.