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  • Diana Gregor
  • Date

  • April 2012
  • Location

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Involvement

  • Concept, Design, Development
  • Project

  • App (iOS)
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  • Austrian Ministry of Education
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Ten Austrian Holocaust survivors with ten histories and one homeland. With the project “,” communication studies researcher Diana Gregor provides a special approach to and a personal examination of the topic deportation and exile. NOUS developed this into a mobile narrative that uses innovative technology to restage this act of coming to terms with the past. The life stories of ten former Viennese residents who now live in New York are recounted in light of the concept of a homeland, which is the fundamental element here. The idea was to portray the course of these histories using an interactive map and to narrate the various stopovers between Vienna and New York. The documentation has been pieced together out of textual, photographic, audio, and video material, and combines to form a symbiosis of tender memories, a verbal means to come to terms with the past, as well as spiritual approaches to this major topic of the 20th century.