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  • International Campus AG
  • Date

  • 2017
  • Location

  • Austria / Germany
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International Campus AG is a developer, investor and operator of innovative student housing in Germany and now also Austria. The company focuses on cities with an above-average growing market for high-quality student housing and combines quality of life and living in a cosmopolitan atmosphere. NOUS has developed and implemented a booking platform for IC AG. From now on, students can easily book rooms online in the new Dresdnerstrasse student residence in Vienna and, in a second expansion phase starting in autumn, also in the houses in Germany. The reservation platform makes it possible to search for flats intuitively and clearly across the entire "The Fizz" network; using detailed filter criteria, it is now even easier to find exactly the flat that suits your taste. In the meantime, a second location has been set up in Vienna near the main railway station, as well as further student residences in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.