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  • Stadt Ludwigsburg
  • Date

  • since 2013
  • Location

  • Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • Involvement

  • Concept, Design, Content, Media Design, Implementation,
  • Project

  • Medienstallation - iPad
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Museum creates identity

In six different thematic areas in the permanent exhibition on the cultural history of the city of Ludwigsburg, a variety of media stations were integrated into benches. Their surfaces, colors, and linguistic styles were given a different design, with each station providing different ideas for interaction. In order to remain true to this concept, we also adapted the design of the different media content to the various thematic areas to enable an immersion in and structuring of the content conveyed at each station.

To remind users of modern-day possibilities for social participation, an interactive game was developed for the last thematic area. Here, the visitors receive a text of results tailored to their profile as well as a corresponding “exhibit photo” of a similarly placed, fictitious person from the 18th, 19th, or 20th century.