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multimedia guide Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt


  • Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt
  • DATE

  • 2015-2017, Connection to the NOUS CMS in May 2021

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • Workshops, Texterstellung, Programmierung, Involvement, Design, NOUS Conductor
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By young people for young people

An unusual model project ran for over 2 years at the Filmmuseum Frankfurt! Children and young people aged 9 to 18 worked together to create the content for the multimedia guide to the permanent exhibition. To do this, they delved deep into the museum's stories and objects. While the first group - primary school pupils from a 4th grade class - learned how a museum works and conducted video interviews with the staff, a second group of 16-18 year-olds dealt with the topic of "cinematic storytelling". They were given workshops on acting, image, sound, lighting and editing and interviewed greats of the film business - from David Bennent, the actor who played the "Oscar" in the film version of Günter Grass' "The Tin Drum", to Jost Vacano, the cameraman of Wolfgang Peterson's "Das Boot". The third group of participants, aged 14-16, dealt with the topic of "cinematic vision", independently researched background information on their favourite objects, animated films and scored a 3-hour silent film live in front of an audience. 

Our creative team supported the project throughout its entire duration with workshops on interview techniques, writing for the ear, professional speaking and finally also accompanied the children and young people during the recordings in the studio. We also created the content for individual adult visitors, developed a photo game, created the award-winning UIX and graphic design of the tablet app and finally programmed it. The result is a multimedia guide that was linked to the NOUS Conductor, a content management system for museum guides, in May 2021.