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  • Client

    PEROT Museum, Dallas
  • Date

    November 2015
  • Location

    Dallas, USA
  • Involvement

    Concept, Content, Design and Implementation
  • Project

  • Partner

    Samsung, USA
  • Award

    Communicators Award of Distinction, 2015

Total Immersion

PEROT Museum of Nature and Science

“A world of wonder” is how The Dallas Morning News described the PEROT Museum of Nature and Science, located in downtown Dallas and opened in 2012. The museum’s exhibitions are guided by the motto: “Learning is fun, at every age!” Numerous interactive programs for every age bracket specifically promote science education and make visitors hungry for more. 

The aim of the tablet guide is to provide visitors with a playful and, at the same time, informative approach to the sciences. With the NOUS museum guide, visitors can design dinosaurs themselves and hunt for food for the Alamosaurus – the showpiece of the exhibition. With interactive simulations, they can experience environmental catastrophes like hurricanes and earthquakes at first hand. On the human body level, cross sections of the body can be scanned and further examined using augmented reality technology. Another feature is the 3D plan of the museum, which registers each visitor’s position and then leads them through the exhibition spaces in a targeted way NOUS has also designed a public app, which regularly updates members and fans of the “PEROTfamily” about special and permanent exhibitions.