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  • Client

    Rail Cargo Group
  • Location

    Vienna, Austria
  • Date

  • Involvement

    Concept, Design, Development, Implementation
  • Project

    Windows Application, Website

Rail Solution Configurator

Rail Cargo

The Rail Solution Configurator is an innovative sales solution for the Rail Cargo Group. With this modern and multilingual Windows app with offline capability, which both runs autonomously as an app on the latest Windows computers and is accessible via web browsers, field workers now have all their sales documentation at hand at any time on their laptops. The user-friendly design lets users explore the various areas like freight cars, containers, additional services, etc. in an intuitive way. The staff members are given a clear list of all train services: an interactive map shows the route with points of departure and receiving stations as well as border crossings and complete product information—either everything at a glance or a summary of the most important information. The centerpiece of the app is the configurator: via vertically arranged tabs the user can choose the individual steps—like customer, route & products, equipment, volume transported, frequency, additional services, likelihood of implementation, organizational structure—thereby piecing together the complete customer requirements. When the app is installed on Windows computers, it is possible to use the entire service offline. Cleverly designed synchronization mechanisms guarantee that the user will always have the most up-to-date information on their device.