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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
  • Date

  • 2009–2013
  • Location

  • San Francisco, USA
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Making Senses

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was founded in 1935 and holds a substantial collection of modern and contemporary artworks from the 19th to the 21st century. For the museum’s 75th anniversary, NOUS conceptualized a guiding system together with the art education team, with which the museum itself can edit and design its tours. The design, features, and functions were decided upon in close collaboration with the museum so as to create the optimal tool for its educational work. Under the heading “Making Sense of Modern Art,” select artworks from the collection are examined from various perspectives: not only stylistic but also historical or social references are identified. Where possible, the artists themselves will have the chance to speak – as will art historians, curators, and contemporary artists who have been inspired by historical works. An app explains the origin of the rooftop garden and its sculptures. At the same time, visitors can give feedback via community platforms like Twitter and photo-sharing websites, thereby opening new channels of communication with the museum.