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South Tyrol Museum of Archeology


  • South Tyrol Museum of Archeology
  • Date

  • 2014
  • Location

  • Bolzano, Italy
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Was – is – will be

The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano houses what is probably the most famous ice mummy in the world - Ötzi. The story of the Iceman is to be presented and told in the museum, especially for school classes. For this reason, NOUS has developed a digital storytelling concept that should appeal to young people in particular. The main task was to convey the knowledge content in such a way that it is also perceived as relevant and innovative by young people in the digital age. According to the motto: "was-is-will", visitors take an archaeological journey through time and bring objects that the Iceman had with him into today's context. Together with the Archaeology Museum, NOUS developed a concept that enables an authentic transfer of content to the present.