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Extended Realities

Technology gives us many opportunities to create wonderful and magical content.

It is up to us to recognize trends or to play the role of a pioneer creating new ones. Through augmented reality, virtual reality, 360° video and other mixed reality methods we manage a playful approach to acquire knowledge, stimulate curiosity or open up a virtual space to transfer knowledge, to enhance experience or to promote new sales tools. 

We want to exceed the limits of imagination and go one step further.

Can you imagine how this ancient ruin you heard so many stories about looked like in the past? What thoughts went through your favorite artists head creating his most famous painting? How will your future home, house or new piece of furniture look like in a different setting? Would you like to shop in an interactive and virtual flagship store? 

With virtual models of historic buildings, we connect the past with the present; We encourage visitors to consider static paintings as something dynamic and “breathing”. With 360° videos we bring visitors directly to archaeological or cultural sites, to a famous opera house; through virtual reality glasses you can enter a store or explore a city you have never been before. For the real estate industry we developed together with Samsung the platform “Feel your Future Home”,  that put users in the position to experience future apartments, office or houses in three dimensions.