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Just in Place - Just in Time

Accessing site-specific content—whether on websites or apps—is often the key to structuring content in a way that moves away from tiresome navigation via menu structures. For museums, trade fairs, airports, shopping malls, or simply outside in cities or tourism regions, our technology can support users as they navigate between places and enable them to access content with almost pinpoint accuracy. We have implemented most available technologies in our projects, meaning that we can rightly claim to be leaders in this field.

What we implement are not technologies but rather advantages

The technologies now available are incredibly diverse; the deciding factor is not just the technological performance capacity of an individual technology, but rather the way it cooperates with the application’s interactive design: Who should be led where? What happens with people who find it difficult to read maps? What is appropriate for indoor and outdoor spaces?

Technologies used

  • awiloc WLAN
  • RFID, NFC 
  • Apple MapsConnect 
  • iBeacon
  • bluetooth LTE
  • GPS 
We find the right technology for your application

With the aid of the awiloc - localization technology of our partner, the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute, we have already been able to set new benchmarks. This WLAN localization technology can be used for positioning on a map or within a 3D model. What’s more, we are also a partner of Mapsconnect, Apple’s indoor localization technology. iBeacons are and were the “dernier cri”—and here, too, we are very familiar with its characteristics and implement it together with start-ups like
We even developed our very own TÜV-certified NOUSLight TrackBeacons; they are equipped with a power connection for the rail lighting common in museums, and they integrate into the exhibition architecture unobtrusively. With the aid of iBeacons or NFC, for example, we trigger the content automatically and conveniently—both on apps and our museum guides: our NOUSConductor has implemented most technologies, meaning that we also have at our command a high-performance content management system, which works in harmony with the localization technology. Localization systems can also be used to analyze visitor numbers—very useful statistics for various areas of museum management