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The NOUSguide is our most successful product - a multimedia exhibition guide designed and developed for the exhibition industry. 1000 times installed in 5 continents, and even copied.

The NOUSguide means 10 years of experience and continuous further development.You can be sure that you will be using a proven system and you will not have to let go of features such as Augmented Reality, Social Media Integration or Indoor Navigation.
The NOUSguide creates a visitor experience for each exhibition that arouses curiosity and further motivates to independent research. With customized concepts and with creative storytelling, the stories of individual works or exhibitions are narrated in an understandable and entertaining manner. Further, the various contents are made available in a simple and intuitive,multimedial and multilingual manner. Further, the various contents are made available in a simple and intuitive, multimedial and multilingual manner.

As a loan device and Bring Your own Device

Whether you opt for a Public App, Inhouse loan devices or both - with the NousGuide you can cover everything. Many institutions want their own guides, as many visitors do not or no longer want to load more apps on their personal phones, others rely solely and fully on Bring Your Own Device in order to save costs. We would like to leave these decisions to the museums themselves - after all, it is your content, it is your brand, with which you communicate with the public.

Of course there is an growing number of startups who want to access your content or your visitor data, we offer a mature product at reasonable cost, which for us is convenience.

Proper use of new technologies

We know what we do. By interacting with various technologies such as NFC, RFID, Wlan or iBeacons, we implement various localization and management concepts, we are neutral when it comes to technical solutions, we advise and develop the demand requirements together with the customer and then put the right product set to use.

What sets us apart from other providers?

  • We come from the cultural environment and we understand specific needs- 
  • We can cover all topics ranging from content processing to the technical realization
  • For us there is no One size fits it all - each institution has its own needs
  • We do not aggregate any content

NOUSConductor - Manage, archive and provide content!

The NOUSConductor is the technical core. The web based NOUSGuide, App and static Multimedia Stations are combined here together not only to create and manage the exhibition on a central platform, but also to archive all audio, video or text materials. Upon completion, the contents provided and tours can be conveniently transferred via WiFi to the different device types. Likewise, the uploading of tours on the respective website or in the Apple AppStore is possible in order to make them available to the interested visitors. Without any prior technical knowledge, the customer can work on his exhibition, directly communicate daily news as announcements to the visitors and smoothly and efficiently compile special content for temporary or special exhibitions.


  • A central media management
  • A multimedia archive
  • For all media formats- Interface to collection databases
  • Interface to media stations
  • Flexible with modular design

The most important "interface" between the artwork and the institution is the visitor himself. The quality of his visit and the manner in which he is communicated with, decides on his return.

Maintenance and Support

NOUS provides its own service team for all projects to continue to support the projects even after completion. Regardless of whether technical issues arise, a maintenance is necessary or whether innovations should be created. The Service Team provides a continuous contact partner for our customers in order to ensure smooth operation and continuous further development.