About us

    NOUS (ˈnuːs/)

  • ancient Greek, sometimes equated to intellect or intelligence, is a philosophical term for the faculty of the human mind, which is described as necessary for understanding what is true or real, similar in meaning to intuition. It is also often described as a form of perception, which works within the mind.

A digital transformation is going on. No doubt about it.

But how can companies, nonprofits, and cultural institutions deal with this most effectively? We help by finding the best possible way for you to manage these challenges, and generate added value. Entirely individually. In a creatively designed dialogue, we write digital success stories and create contact points.

With end customers and museum visitors. With consumers and company staff. With live stream viewers and app users. In close collaboration with our clients, we create customized tools, launch powerful concepts, create great content and land them safely on the ground again. Our products bundle various channels to a new user experience. We consult, create concepts, and implement them. That’s NOUS. That’s our spirit. And these are our projects.

At home in the world in Vienna and Berlin

Wien, nur Wien. Yet, not entirely. From our bases of international innovation, we span a fine net across the globe and gather together the best of all worlds. Berlin linguistic joke meets meets state-of-the-art technology from Denver meets an Asian pioneering spirit from Dubai. In brief: When there’s something new happening, anywhere in the world, we are there. We then put together what belongs together in our head office in Vienna. Viennese charm and know-how included.

„And our clients, from more than ten countries are just as international as our team. They are our motor for innovation. We simply set them in motion.“

We, too, have only two hands. But ours have names. The left one is called creativity. The right one, technological know-how. With them, we work on international projects and innovative strategies. For us, websites, apps, and content are always viewed as parts of an overall concept. After all, digital media are not simply mere supplements. They are versatile and key tools for designing relationships. Thinking strategically, however, also means constantly viewing our plan from different angles.

„At the same time, we ask a lot of questions. Sometimes also unpleasant ones. We listen and learn in order to understand. Only then do we tackle the task at hand. We give our all—and enjoy every moment.“

We are a diverse ensemble comprising long-term cooperation partners and a well-rehearsed team. Our staff of more than 50, located around the world, comes from the areas of conceptual design, project management, development, interface design, media planning, art mediation, and content creation. For 15 years, it has been our heart and soul. Our staff is far too rarely in the spotlight. But in return, our projects shine that much more frequently.