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  • Client

    South Tyrol Museum of Archeology
  • Date

  • Location

    Bolzano, Italy
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  • Project


Was – is – will be

South Tyrol Museum of Archeology

The South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano is home to probably the most famous ice mummy in the world: Ötzi. In the museum, the history of the iceman needs to be edited and told so as to make it interesting for school classes, its main audience. For this reason, NOUS has created a digital storytelling concept that is aimed primarily at young adults. The main task was to convey the knowledge content in such a way that even young adults in this digital age would find it relevant and innovative. 

In line with the motto “was – is – will be,” visitors go on an archaeological journey through time and bring objects that the iceman had on him into a contemporary context. Together with the Museum of Archaeology, NOUS has developed a concept that enables content to be transported authentically into the present day.