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Live Innovation


Participants in guided tours load the NOUS Groupguide at the beginning of a tour from the App Store onto their device and then simply connect to the device of the visitor guide; the challenge lies in avoiding latencies which, by streaming in different networks, make the speaker appear asynchronous.

A large part of our research activities is currently flowing into the project NOUS Sonic, our new location based audio system. This locates visitors in exhibitions and installations to 10cm accuracy and allows the design of multimedia content flows, which accompany the visitors of the museum interactively with site- and context-specific content. The project has already been presented in the USA, England and the UAE. We also set up a showroom in our office in Vienna, where we present the current state of our development.
We have also taken big steps in the field of VOD and live streaming: together with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) we are working on improving the quality of video streaming in the last mile to the consumer. The know-how directly benefits our customer projects.
With the AIT, we are researching the mobility of the future: together with other specialist experts we are researching and simulating how user experience in 2030 can look like in multimodal locomotion - depending on different predicted social scenarios.
And in 2019 it goes on: as lead partner in an international project of the FFG - with participants from the Netherlands of Switzerland and Austria we develop a broad participative Science Citizenship project in the field of Oral History.

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