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The NOUS Museum Web App

Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs for short, have been the talk of the town for some time. They are a smart alternative to native apps and allow you to use your own smartphone. Unlike native apps, PWAs do not contain large amounts of data and do not have to be downloaded from the app stores. Instead, you simply scan a QR code and within a few seconds the PWA, i.e. your audio or multimedia tour, is available for offline use. We call our PWA NOUS Museums Web App because it is specially designed for museum requirements. It offers the choice of different languages, free and paid content, an audio and video player,

List menus, keyboard as well as the adaptation to your CI. Since all content is managed via our CMS, changes can go online within a very short time. And since the NOUS Museums Web App is hosted in the cloud, it is available from anywhere in the world in seconds. Of course, there are reasons that still speak in favour of native apps. For example, if you want to master special technical challenges such as the synchronisation of AV stations or indoor navigation - or simply want to be represented in the app stores. We will find out together in a consultation which is the right way for your goals.