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The jungle of terms for digital educational offers is getting wilder and wilder. But what is it actually about?

The answer is as simple as it is diverse: it's about how users and visitors access the content produced for them. Is it their own smartphone - BOYD = Bring Your Own Device? Do users have to download a native app from the stores or is it enough to scan a QR code, i.e. is it a Progressive Web App (PWA)? Sometimes it also makes sense to use loaner devices that are handed out on site by your or our staff, or visitors can choose between a loaner device and their own smartphone.

This is called COYD = Choose Your Own Device.

Also interesting: Is it an offer for individual visitors or for groups? Do the mobile devices interact with media stations and can they synchronise videos? Is there also a platform with which you can manage the content yourself - and is it on a server, in a cloud or a storage medium?

Together with you, we will find the right answer to all these questions!

Here you find our cultural projects...