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NOUS GroupGuide

The group management system of the future

    For tour guides and tour leaders:

    • Press CREATE to create a group
    • Dynamic display of group size
    • Show your QR code to add more participants
    • Invite more participants via direct link
    • Press START to start a new tour
    • Press the microphone icon to mute yourself
    • Send pictures, videos, audios and texts to your group members
    • Let your guests rate your tour
    • Dynamic display of group size

Costly hardware? Long queues for the issue and return of transmitters and receivers? Constant disinfection? Regular maintenance? All this is a thing of the past with the NOUS GroupGuide! With this innovative group guidance system, visitors use their own cell phones. They simply scan a QR code and can immediately join a group tour.

„Scan the QR code and off you go!“

Hygienic and safe

The Corona pandemic has changed many things. Even though visitor numbers and tourist activities are slowly increasing again, many people no longer want to use rental devices.... At NOUS, we have been working hard on this issue and have developed contactless alternatives to traditional visitor information systems. One of them is the NOUS GroupGuide. It shifts the communication between tour guide and guests to the private smartphone. The tour guide downloads the NOUS GroupGuide app onto his cell phone and generates a QR code. His group participants only have to scan it with the camera of their own cell phone to follow his explanations. There is no need to borrow transmitters and receivers - and no need to clean and disinfect rental devices.

Distant and yet close

Smartphones have a significantly greater range than conventional radio systems. This not only allows minimum distances to be maintained, but also much greater freedom of movement in general. The connection remains stable at any selected distance - no matter how quietly the tour guide wants to communicate with his guests.

Sustainable and efficient

Conventional group guidance systems are often expensive to purchase and maintain. These costs are completely eliminated with the NOUS GroupGuide - as are the electricity costs for charging stations for devices. In addition, the extremely low data consumption of the NOUS GroupGuide of only 200KB per second contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions. The sustainability of your brokerage offers is demonstrably increased.

In-depth contents

Through NOUS GroupGuide, tour guides can play additional content such as images, videos, audios, texts and archive materials to their guests. This deepens understanding and enriches the group experience.

The NOUS GroupGuide summarized

  • cost-effective and hygienic: no hardware! No need to purchase, maintain and clean radio transmitters and receivers.
  • personal and familiar: participate in the group tour with your own smartphone
  • sustainable and climate-friendly: no need for charging stations for devices, therefore no unnecessary power consumption. Hardly any data transfer, therefore extremely low CO2 emissions
  • At a distance and yet close: Significantly greater range than conventional radio systems. Therefore more distance possible. Consistently stable connection with unrestricted freedom of movement.
  • More content: Add additional images, videos, texts and audio recordings.
  • More tours, more guests, more revenue: Conduct any number of tours with any number of guests at the same time. Your tour operator offer is independent of the number of available devices
  • efficient: Simple financing via monthly license fee
  • lucrative: attractive partner programs for institutions and tour operators