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NOUS Groupguide

We rarely use this word: but the NOUS Group Guide really revolutionises the subject of group tours! It works without any technical equipment such as transmitters and receivers, and does not need its own radio frequencies. Instead of standing in line for a long time and waiting for equipment, visitors check in directly to their guide's personal tour with their smartphone by scanning a QR code. The TourGuide can then communicate directly with the group members in their own language and at the same time provide advance information.

broadcast recorded content in other languages to foreign-language participants or for special target groups such as children and the visually impaired. This allows for larger and more heterogeneous groups, faster turnaround and thus higher turnover. In addition, tour guides and group members no longer have to stay within sight of each other. Each visitor can wander through the rooms at her own pace, while the tour guide may already be waiting in the café and yet is always very close to his tour members - through his voice in their ear.