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Art collection of the Veste Coburg


  • Art collection of the Veste Coburg
  • Date

  • 2008
  • Location

  • Coburg, Germany
  • Involvement

  • Concept, Design, and Implementation
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Spooky tour for kids

For the Coburg art collection, we developed a specially designed children’s tour, conceived as a “spooky tour.” Both the texts and the appearance as well as the concept of the guided tour are designed to meet children’s specific needs, to take them around the exhibition in a way that will entertain them and make them curious to learn more. In 2008 the existing NOUS Guides were updated to include German sign language and hence make the guided tours accessible to a larger audience. What’s more, people with hearing impairments can listen to the museum’s multimedia guide directly via their hearing aids thanks to an additional device with an integrated induction loop.