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Austrian National Bank - OeNB


  • Austrian National Bank ÖNB
  • DATE

  • since 2020

  • Austria

  • Concept, Development, Implementation

  • Progressive Web-App; Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone
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your financial overview

Together with the Austrian National Bank - OenB, we developed the free progressive web app m€ins. The application offers users an even quicker accurate overview of their finances (income and expenditure). Users can change their account movements in the form of csv. files from all major Austrian banks or create transactions. The current account balance can then be viewed on the user-friendly dashboard. m€ins recognizes the csv. file which form, expenditure and or income were made, and automatically assigns the files into individual categories. With each import, the app learns to recognize additional expenses such as eg. the frequently visited baker, and automatically assign the amounts to the correct class. These classes, with the associated subcategories, can be created and managed by the user. So you can see  how much money is left, where you can save and how you can achieve your goals. In addition, you can create and manage your own accounts for credit card payments, loans, savings accounts, building society contracts, funds, shares, etc. All accounts are shown visually in the statistics and can be viewed individually or together. In order to meet the high security requirements of the OeNB, the app works without a backend. Instead, data can be stored either in the cloud providers, Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud, in the browser or on the hard drive.