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Biennale Vienna & T-Mobile Österreich


  • Biennale Vienna and T-Mobile Austria
  • Date

  • 2015
  • Location

  • Vienna, Austria
  • Involvement

  • Concept, Implementation
  • Project

  • App (iOS, Android)
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Change Maker

The first Vienna Biennale for art, design, and architecture - a joint project by the MAK, Kunsthalle Wien, AzW and departure - set itself the task of tracking down and presenting changemakers on the path to Digital Modernity. For the Biennale and its sponsor T-Mobile, we developed this app that provides information about the Vienna Biennale and introduces so-called “changemakers” in Vienna: people and projects that were chosen by the curators of the Biennale on account of their potential to bring about positive change. Anyone could get involved by nominating people whose projects could be potential changemakers.