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  • 2019
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Losing weight with Perfect Weight

The practice of DDr. Karl-Georg Heinrich has established itself as one of the most innovative institutions in Vienna regarding cutting edge therapies in regenerative and aesthetic medicine. In the meantime, one can already speak of a worldwide cooperation with doctors and a large patient base from Austria and abroad. From the very beginning, the focus of treatment has been on gentle methods for regeneration, rejuvenation and optimisation of the body. Naturalness and the greatest possible body care were and are DDr. Heinrich's guiding principles. NOUS developed the Perfect Weight App, which offers an innovative approach to efficient and sustainable weight loss. It is the daily companion to reach or maintain the desired weight. The app is designed to give users the opportunity to record their eating habits over a period of several weeks based on three different programmes. The user is supposed to note down every meal he or she eats, and on the basis of this, different measures for losing weight are offered. This makes it easy to keep track of eating habits and weight loss progress. Useful dietary recommendations that correspond to personal needs help to achieve the goals.