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  • Partner

    Marie Artaker
  • Date

    2018 - 2019
  • Location

    Austrian Federal Theatres
  • Involvement

    Concept, technical advice, development
  • Projekt

    Website relaunch, maintenance, external project management, consulting services

Digital creativity

For Future Reference

Together with the graphic designer Marie Artaker we developed the web-application “For Future Reference” (FFR), a prototype for digital conception- and innovation-tool for creatives like Art Directors, Producers and Curators. The AWS funded project allows the collection and administration of written data, images and links.  FFR serves the self-determined approach to curate and organize researched and self-created content. A non-linear order enables new unimagined creative relationships between different kinds of topics, supported by serendipities discoveries. FFR works in an alternative to structure content by categories and tags alone - the application differs significantly form established tools, which are based on storage in folders and lists. The centre of For Future Reference is its map. It consists of scalable color fields that can be chosen associatively with the content. Topics can be linked with each other via color, source, date and cross-references which can be created through the appendix. For Future Reference offers mnemonic possibilities for a wide variety of memory types - visual, spatial, semantic or episodic.