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  • since 2018, Redesign 2024
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Jewish History and Present in a Re-Design

The media guide developed by NOUS for the Jewish Museum Berlin is one of the most successful museum apps in the German-speaking world and offers visitors to the world-famous museum the opportunity to experience the museum and its contents in an innovative and inclusive way. The app is available both as an in-house guide and as a public app.

A number of new functions improve the user experience and increase accessibility. One of the most noticeable changes concerns the UI/UX design, which has now been made even more appealing and user-friendly. This makes navigation through the app more intuitive and easier.

Another significant innovation is the flexible tour selection. Visitors can now choose between different tours as required and also discover current events or additional content.

To make it easier for new visitors to get started, an onboarding process has been implemented that explains the app and how to use it in the museum.

In addition, there is now an optional tour guide with short descriptions and photos to help visitors find their way around the building.

Particularly noteworthy is the improved accessibility setting of the app, which allows users to adjust the font size, increase the contrast and use a minimised view that focuses on the essentials.

The integration of 20 stations in German sign language enables deaf or hard of hearing visitors to experience the exhibition content in their preferred language. In addition, 50 stations are available in plain language to make it easier for other groups of people to access the information.

Overall, the new functions of the JMB app offer an improved user experience and help to make the museum more accessible and inclusive for all visitors.