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  • Jewish Museum, Vienna
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  • since 2013
  • Location

  • Vienna, Austria
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  • Concept, Content, Implementation
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  • Touchtable, Media installations
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Jewish Life Then and Now

Reopened in 2013, the permanent exhibition Our City! at the Jewish Museum in Vienna tells the historyof the Jewish community from 1945 until the present day. Together with the museum’s curators, NOUS has restructured the extensive archive material as well as the countless documents, photos, and articles and edited them for the exhibition. The events can now be told through multimedia and in an up-to-date way with the aid of tablets, touch tables, and interactive video walls. An important requirement when creating the NOUS Guide was to provide the museum with a user-friendly educational tool, with which it could centrally manage the media installations, guides, and touch tables itself, as well as change and expand content. 

The media installations are an inte- grative feature of the exhibition; the Guide enables visitors to dive a level deeper into the subject matter. Intuitive tools impart content relating to exhibits and archive materials. Via a touch table, visitors are informed about current sites of Jewish life in Vienna. By presenting archive material on screens, space is saved meaning that parts of the archive can be made accessible in the exhibition that may not otherwise have been able to be made public. In the middle of the numerous exhibits and pieces of information, a video wall showing original photos floating past forms a calm focal point with an explorative character. In this way, museum exhibits are combined with media objects, letting visitors explore history on various levels.