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  • Date

  • 2020
  • Location

  • Austria
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  • Implementation mobile app
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  • Multifunctional mobility app
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Future mobility

As part of the FTI program 'Mobility of the Future' from the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, a prototype of the mobility app MobiQuick was developed by means of an FFG innovation project and implemented by NOUS in cooperation with AIT. There, usability tests were carried out on test subjects in a virtual reality environment in the VR Lab and a prototype was used to simulate what the mobility of the future should look like. In a test environment, the smartphone was mirrored in the VR glasses, but at the same time there was also a test using a paper prototype to get a comparison of the technology scenarios. MobiQuick combines all the qualities of mobility apps and includes navigation systems for trains, buses, subways, planes, shared rides, etc., ticket purchases for public transport and rental modules for e-scooters and much more. One thing is certain in any case: Due to the increased spread of streaming services, the use of social networks and apps, the smartphone will also be indispensable in the future and will become a constant companion at every turn, not just in terms of mobility! The app would therefore be available for iOS and Android devices.