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Nationalpark Thayatal


  • Nationalpark Thayatal
  • Date

  • 2019
  • Location

  • Austria
  • Involvement

  • Concept, Graphic design, Development & Implementation
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  • Kids Multimedia-guide
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    Nationalpark Thayatal

Following the tracks of the wildcat

As a new offer for the National Park Thayatal an interactive game especially for children is offered on the existing multimedia-guides. Target group are (school)children aged 8 - 13 years, divided into small groups who have to find by means of image recognition the game stations placed around the national park centre. The thematic stations deal with topics related to the national park: such as the identification of tree species on the basis of their leaves, or the search for wildcat tracks. The children go on a photo safari and fill a survival backpack with things that the think are necessary or even plan their very own national park. In total 12 puzzles tasks must be solved but do not have to be played in any specific order. At the end of the game the groups will discuss the results together and each group will receive a matching certificate according to their playing style and results.