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  • 2019

  • Vienna

  • iOS, Android Smartphone & Tablet

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Redmine Time-tracking

For our own team we were looking for a timetracking tool directly linked to our project management software Redmine. Redmine is available for user and project management, discussion forums, wikis, ticket management or document filing. We have developed the REDMINE TIMETRACKING APP to enable employees in the company to track the time spent on projects and assignments. Timetracking is done by means of the stopwatch function, which can be interrupted and resumed at any time. The tracked times are created in Redmine under "Spent time" and can be managed and viewed there. As an alternative to the stopwatch, the period of time can also be entered manually using the time period function, favorites can be provided with suitable icons - in addition it is possible to store standard comments and activities. With the so-called wizard all tickets that are still open and assigned to the user can be added quickly and with one click to the home screen. And because that worked so well with NOUS we made the app public: Try it out for iOS and Android.