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  • Finpin Technologies GmbH
  • DATE

  • May 2018

  • Vienna

  • Software Development

  • Sezame, Sezame SAFE
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Open Sezame

With Sezame, inspired by "Open Sesame", countless different passwords are to be a thing of the past, because the product turns the smartphone into a kind of "biometric remote control", as the founders describe it. The Viennese company develops keys for IT security and replaces passwords with fingerprints. NOUS developed two software projects for Sezame. One is the mobile app Sezame, from which all websites and services can be accessed from any device without entering a password. In addition, one can register on the smartphone with a user name and fingerprint or face recognition. On the other hand, Sezame SAFE protects data on USB sticks, external hard drives or cloud drives. The SAFE client can be downloaded on MAC or PC and coupled with the Sesame app on the smartphone. All data is automatically encrypted and protected by biometric authentication on the smartphone.