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Goya at the Fondation Beyeler


  • Fondation Beyeler
  • Date

  • 10th of October 2021 – 23rd of January 2022
  • Location

  • Basel, Switzerland
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Sleepless in Basel

Beware of this artist! He can give you sleepless nights and cause wild dreams... Francisco de Goya - in one of the most spectacular exhibitions ever with over 170 works, many of them from the Prado as well as from private collections, the Fondation Beyeler in Switzerland presents one of the last great court painters who is also considered a pioneer of modernism. Goya's pictorial worlds are sometimes disturbing, sometimes grotesque, then again enigmatic and humorous. But they always take you into a world in which the boundaries between reality and fantasy become blurred. At the same time, Goya created impressive portraits that speak of a sharp-eyed power of observation. The NOUS audio tour follows the artist from his birth in 1746 in Zaragoza to his death at over 80 in exile in France. A male and a female narrator sharpen the eye for detail in dialogic exchange and convey the context of his time. For Goya lived in a politically turbulent period of upheaval, had to come to terms with changing regimes, and yet achieved the highest honors. At the same time, he worked persistently on his artistic freedom - which was extremely unusual around 1800. Even during his lifetime he certainly caused many of his clients sleepless nights...The approximately 60-minute NOUS audio tour is available in three languages: German, English and French.