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  • Client

    Vitra Design Museum
  • Location

    Weil am Rhein, Germany
  • Date

    January 2017
  • Involvement

    Concept & Consultation on Hardware for interactive media stations, planing of media control system, implementation, setup
  • Partner

    Vitra Design Stiftung
  • Project


Hello Robot

Vitra Design Museum

For the Vitra Design Museum we have developed a self-sufficent media control system that combines the numerous media-technical artefacts ranging from tubular screens to modern industrial robots, into one control system. All exhibits will be controlled independently, despite of the location of the museum in which the exhibition is showcased and the technical situation on site. For maximum flexibility and security, the system is designed in such a way that the exhibition always has its own infrastructure and technicians can monitor components remotely and therefore recognise faults or failures at an early stage. The exhibition moves from the Vitra Design Museum to the MAK Vienna and then to other European and American museums.