What We Do


We love to innovate

Digital transformation needs technologies - also, but not only. Only when we reach and inspire people with new technologies will our clients' offerings be a success - whether in culture, entertainment, business or industry. Innovations emerge when creativity, planning and implementation flow together. From Design Thinking to User Experience, from Scrum to Agile Project Management. We love new technologies and build them tailor-made for our clients. But why tailor-made? Many of the technologies on the market are Standard solutions bring features that you don't want right now or lack exactly what your own company needs.

Individually developed software makes you stand out and independent - not only in your own processes, but also vis-à-vis your customers.

We build high-performance platforms, mobile applications, web applications and multimedia installations. Sometimes we even create new products with new technologies - our 3D audio system NOUS Sonic, for example - a unique combination of software, ultra-wideband technology, sensor technology and hardware.

In our partnerships with university institutions, we explore the use and benefits of technologies - for example in inclusion, healthcare or culture.

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