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  • Staatsgalerie Stuttgart
  • Date

  • 2022
  • Location

  • Stuttgart, Germany
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  • Text creation, audio production, image editing, PWA development & setup, project management by NOUSaudio
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Moved by Schlemmer - 100 Years of Triadic Ballet

It is one of the icons of experimental ballet: Oskar Schlemmer's "Triadic Ballet" celebrated its premiere on September 30, 1922. The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart celebrates the 100th anniversary with a colorful special exhibition.

Oskar Schlemmer was one of the most important contributors to the Bauhaus movement. He set out to do nothing less than revolutionize dance. And he did not only succeed in this. Influences from the curious figurines he designed for the Triadic Ballet can also be found in fashion, design, art and pop culture of the 20th and 21st centuries.

But the exhibition and our audio guide not only explore the history of the Triadic Ballet and the figurines, which have found their permanent place in the Staatsgalerie since the 1970s.

During the tour, visitors will also encounter the works of three contemporary artists, some of whom were created especially for the exhibition. Ulla von Brandenburg, Kalin Lindena and Haegue Yang have dealt with Schlemmer's ideas in different ways in their works. They reflect the structure of the ballet, each playing with one of the three elevators - yellow, pink and black.

We have also taken up this thread with our audio guide, created color associations acoustically and integrated the music of the premiere of the Triadic Ballet. In this way, we accompany the visitors in discovering the fusion of dance and art, past and present.

Curtain up!

The almost 45-minute tour with the NOUS audio guide in German was recorded by students of the speech art and media speech course at HMDK Stuttgart. It is available on on site devices and as a PWA for your own smartphone.