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Royal Commission for AlUla


  • Royal Commission for AlUla
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  • Saudi Arabia
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  • since 2022
  • Involvement

  • Content development and production, Audio Guide Experience, Signage, Multimedia Installations, Immersive theatre production, Illustrations, Design & Layout, Audio production, Project Management, Hardware, Staff training, Implementation plan
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    AlUla Tayma Khaybar Hegra

Traces in the sand

It is probably one of the most exciting countries that is currently opening up to visitors from all over the world for the first time: Saudi Arabia. Spectacular rock tombs that are in no way inferior to the famous tombs of Petra, monumental stone buildings that are thousands of years older than the Egyptian pyramids, the largest active well in the world... Closed to tourists for decades, only archaeologists knew and suspected the extent of the treasures hidden in the vast sand and lava regions of the country on the Red Sea. Recent excavations and historical sights have shed new light on the history of mankind in many respects. As part of Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030, which is rapidly driving societal, social and economic reform, these historic sites are now being opened to the public - and NOUS is part of this breathtaking development.

We have developed an ecosystem of content resources for the AlUla Living Museum and heritage sites that combines engaging storytelling with cutting-edge technology, including audio and multimedia guides, podcasts and long-form web content.

For four current locations - the oasis of AlUla as well as Tayma, Khaybar and Hegra in the interior of the country - we played a key role in designing and implementing the visitor experiences.The focus is on the immersive audio guide experiences, which take visitors back in time in podcast style and with captivating sound design.They bring prehistoric life back to life in a landscape characterized by an immense abundance of water, whisper legends about the last Babylonian king, tell of the wealth of the Incense Route and repeatedly give local residents a chance to speak, whose memories provide deep insights into a culture that is mostly unknown to Western visitors.

The immersive audio tours are complemented by multimedia installations in the welcome centers as well as significant information and illustrations on the signs that show visitors the way on their discovery tour.NOUS also broke new ground with this project. For the first time, we have demonstrated our expertise in storytelling by developing a play. And it looks like "Hegra after Dark" won't be the only trail we'll be blazing in the Saudi sands...