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Viking princes and Sicilian queens

Who were the Normans? Every child knows the Vikings, and you may have heard of the Norsemen. However, the fact that the Normans travelled through the whole of Europe, areas of Russia and as far as North Africa, settled in many places and had a great influence on political and social developments is less known.

The comprehensive exhibition "The Normans" in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museum in Mannheim wants to clear up the ideas we have today, shaped by books, series and films. The audio guide by NOUS accompanies visitors on their journey in the footsteps of the Norman men - and women! - across the continent and to new shores. We learn about the first Viking raids in England, the political entanglements in France, crusades and pilgrimages. We also learn where cultural and architectural remnants of the Normans can still be found today - and that even where this is not the case, there were often Normans. After all, one of their most successful strategies was their ability to adapt to and merge with local structures.

Our audio guide provides a guide through the exhibition and the eventful history of the Normans. We bring attention to certain objects to learn more about the everyday life of the Normans and their perception by others as brutal warriors. We also meet outstanding individuals who, as Normans, often had a significant impact on the course of history. The tour is entertaining and atmospherically dense, so that visitors of all ages can go on a journey of discovery.

The audio guide by NOUS, which lasts a good hour, is available on rental devices in German and English.